The Action in Attraction: Making the Law of Attraction Work in Your Life

affirmations growth mindset manifesting Mar 16, 2024

Have you ever heard of the Law of Attraction? Well, it's a real thing and it really works - and I want to show you how to use this principle to attract great things in your life.

But I also want to call out the BS. I want to help you not waste your time trying to hocus pocus your dreams into existence. So I'll share three things about the Law of Attraction with you: the practical way it happens in our lives, the spiritual way it happens, and then the key to making it work regardless of how it happens.


The Practical Way it Happens

Not long after I met the love of my life, she bought a red Corolla. I had known her for maybe a month or two, and we didn't talk much – even though I really wanted to!

We'd bump into each other at recovery meetings every few days, and we'd say hi, and then we'd keep it moving. I was actually living at a homeless shelter at the time, but that's a story for another day. Anyway, I was crazy about her. My heart would do flips when she was near, and she had no clue. And when she got that red Corolla, I began seeing them everywhere.

I'd see them at stoplights. In parking lots. Whizzing down the highway. I never realized there were so many red Corollas!

One day I saw a red Corolla pull into a parking lot. I squinted my eyes and looked – and it was her. So we talked for a bit and by that time I was renting a room somewhere, and she wound up giving me a ride and dropping me off at my place. I was so excited to ride in that red Corolla and to talk with her on the way.

The rest is history. Our lives have become what we truly wanted. We have some beautiful boys and we've experienced a lot of great things together, and we help other people, too. I wound up with the desire of my heart, the love of my life, and a wonderful family of my own.

This is what I call a practical example of the Law of Attraction, and I'll explain why..

So, when I learned she got a red Corolla, I started attracting them in my life right? Well, not exactly. They had been there all along - I just started noticing them all of a sudden. That's because deep within, a red Corolla had become extremely important to me – and so I began to see them everywhere.

But here's the real deal: every time I saw a red Corolla, it presented me with an opportunity. I had the opportunity to take a closer look and see if it was her. And taking that opportunity – that is, taking action – finally paid off.

When something (or someone) is deeply meaningful to us, things that we associate with that thing or person begin to pop up in our lives. That's because our brains and our hearts are hard wired to be on the lookout for situations and opportunities that are related to what's important to us. As a result, our eyes are opened to opportunities to take action.

This is a practical example of the Law of Attraction.


The Spiritual Way it Happens

There's also a more spiritual way it works as well. I know because I've experienced it often in my life, and things have come into my life in amazing ways that are nothing short of miraculous.

With this kind of attraction, you can't reduce it to some formula. You cannot harness it and use it like magic. It's just not like that. So when you read things that claim to show you some method to make your dreams come true by some easy ritual or a quick daily affirmation, steer away from that "spiritual" get-rich-quick kind of mentality.

There's no shame in wanting good things. There's nothing wrong with believing and having the faith that God or Spirit or the Universe has your back and hears your heart. I believe this wholeheartedly.

But remember this: when it comes to the things we imagine will make us happy and especially the things we think we need in order to make us whole, it's easy to be confused. That's because as humans, we think and know in part and with limited perspective.

What we see and what we believe is often based upon our own conditioning and programming – not upon truth.

Spirit loves you. Spirit sees you as perfect just as you are, needing nothing. There is nothing you lack that will bring you real happiness or abundance.

That's because you already have it.

And so, if you want to use attraction to bring things into your life because you think they will meet your needs and make you happy, you are not seeing what Spirit has in store for you.

The truth is that Spirit has placed it within you already.

To see clearly, we must dedicate ourselves to a path of learning. Not learning formulas or spells, but one of letting go of old ideas. Of learning how to make way for truth in our lives and in our hearts.

When we begin to follow that path, we begin to know who we are and what we have to offer – and not so much what we want to receive. This is the truth behind the saying, "It is better to give than it is to receive." After all, the one who gives is the richer one because they have it to give, do they not?

As we follow our path, we align ourselves with Spirit, and our will and the will of God becomes unified in our hearts and minds. As this happens, we create and manifest what we desire in our lives in a way that's unstoppable – because we are powered by, and aligned with, Spirit.


The Key to Making it all Work

Finally, whether we're talking about a practical or a spiritual kind of attraction, one thing that we must remember is this: when the thing we've been wanting finally arrives, it usually isn't dropped off on our doorstep by Amazon. Instead, it usually comes in the form of some opportunity or a series of opportunities that require us to take action.

Often, that means taking a risk, like choosing to be vulnerable, or practicing the principle of courage, or just putting ourselves out there and just trusting the process.

It usually means being uncomfortable on some level. And sometimes, it even requires hard work and being willing to (apparently) fail.

We often need to go through a period of learning and growing to prepare us for what it is our heart desires. And this, my friend, requires some faith, and the willingness to commit to following principles that are far greater than the object of our desires.

The point is, without the action in attraction, it's probably not going to happen.



Attraction is a real thing, but there's no secret to place your focus upon. Instead, place your focus on pursuing a path of truth, trusting Spirit to guide you, and taking action when opportunities present themselves

As you practice this, your will and your mind will transform into the will and mind of Spirit, and you will create the reality you desire.

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