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Monica Eaton-Cardone

Founder Cb911/Fi911

"Don is a relatable, genuine, witty, and an extremely inspiring, motivational speaker. His powerful message of confronting tremendous adversity head-on, of his incredible transformation, and of the greatness within all of us will reel you in and completely take you by storm. "

Derrik Craun

Principle, Boca Ciega HS 

"Through the sharing of Don’s story, students are able to make the connection that it does not matter where you start, but rather where you finish that matters, [and that] hard work, resiliency, and seeking the help of others is critical in order to experience success.."

Ashley Lowery

CEO, Homeless Empowerment Project (HEP)

"By sharing his story of overcoming adversity at HEP affiliated events, Don is inspiring others to follow in his footsteps. He is also reaching HEP’s donor base, who are compelled to assist monetarily when they hear about Don’s incredible journey."

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Thank you for considering me for your event! While I do select engagements on a voluntary basis, I also offer professional speaking services for paid events. Please feel free to reach out using the form below for more information on availability, rates, and topics. I look forward to discussing how I can contribute to your event's success!