About Don

Don Cummins is a transformational coach and speaker, and the author of The Prison Within: A Memoir of Breaking Free and Awaken, Connect, Transform: The Universal Path of Happiness and Success.

In 2011, while homeless, addicted, alone, and carrying the weight of having served over twenty years in prison for bank robberies, Don reached a level of suffering that he previously had not known. During this time, Don had a spiritual awakening that was the beginning of a miraculous life transformation.

In the 13 years that followed, Don became a husband and father, a corporate software/IT director, a homeowner, a farmer and rancher, a mountain hiker and biker, sky diver, traveler and explorer, and a giver of time and attention to others in need.

Today, Don’s passion is helping others to see what he saw that day in 2011.

Don lives in Durango, Colorado with his wife Brianna and his boys, Levi and Finn, raising goats and chicken and organic produce - and doing all the stuff mentioned above.

If Don Can Do It, So Can You!!!

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