Affirmations: The Rocket Fuel to Changing Your Life

affirmations growth mindset personal transformation Feb 19, 2024
Rocket Fuel for Success

When I was just beginning on my own path of transformation, I was living at a homeless shelter. Every day I would look at a post-it note on the mirror that said, "I am a good person who's been through hell, and I deserve to recover and have a great life."

My mentor had me write that post-it note, word for word, and he told me to read it a few times a day - and he dared me to believe it.

I took him up on that dare, and I did. And today, my life is beyond recognition compared to where it was over a decade ago.


Affirmations Change Your Mindset

When it comes to changing our life, it's all about our mindset. Often we make the mistake of thinking that changing our relationships, places, and the things in our live will do the trick. But without changing our mindset, we will wind up in the same situation, over and over again.

Because of this, we need tools that can help us grow a mindset of positivity, power, and abundance. One of the most effective tools we use for this is the practice of affirmations.

Affirmations are statements that we repeat to ourselves, asserting certain truths about ourselves, our circumstances, and our reality. One of the most important things to remember about affirmations is that they aren't about fabricating a reality that doesn't exist. Instead, they are about acknowledging and reaffirming what already exists.

In other words, we don't affirm things to make them true; we affirm them because they are true.


The Truth of Who You Are

One great truth to affirm is that you are a spiritual being who is having a human experience. That you are eternal, limitless, loving and kind. That you are incredibly powerful, capable of anything. And that you have purpose and meaning, and you're here to create something new and great in only the way that you can.

We need to continually affirm great truths like these about ourselves. When we do so, even if they seem hard to embrace, we begin to make them our own truth. And as a result, we begin to experience a fundamental shift in perspective that sets the stage for profound transformation.

When we practice affirming the truth of who we are, we align our thoughts, our beliefs, and our connection with a deeper reality. This mindset shift is literally the rocket fuel to radical personal transformation.

Affirmations are incredibly powerful because they influence our subconscious mind, reshaping our beliefs and perceptions. And as this happens, we start to see tangible changes in our choices and actions. This ripple effect extends far beyond the words we tell ourselves - it begins to shape our external reality.

Our reality is not the product of external circumstances; it is a reflection of our thoughts, beliefs, and actions. It's a reflection of our mindset. And by intentionally focusing on empowering truths about ourselves, we are actively participating in the creation of a new reality. 

This shift in perspective opens the door to true happiness and success.


Find Out for Yourself!

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