The Awaken, Connect, Transform™ method is a spiritual but not religious approach that forms the basis for success in every area of your life. You’ll be happier, more connected on many levels, and you’ll have increased motivation and drive to make your goals and dreams reality.

Did You Know?

Your identity is the most powerful force in your life. Who you believe you are shapes your thoughts, your decisions and ultimately, all your actions.

In other words, who you believe you are on a deep is what guides your life and creates your own personal heaven, or in some cases, your own personal hell.

The Awaken, Connect, Transform™ (ACT) process helps you discover and reimagine who you are, aligning your idenity with reality and helping you to you be more happy, successful and connected in all areas of your life.


What We Believe

At ACT, this is who we believe you are:,

  • You are a spiritual being who happens to be having a human experience.
  • Your are not not your body, your brain, your thoughts, or your emotions; you are merely experiencing this human journey through those things.
  • The past is not real. It exists only in your mind. In truth, there is only the present moment. Because of this, there is no you from the past to judge, criticize, or find fault with. This provides an opportunity for you to choose to let go.
  • In this human experience, you are playing a temporary role, and it is your privilege and honor to choose each moment what that role shall be. There are no limitations on what your role can be, and you are free to change your role as often as you want.
  • As a spiritual being, you are infinitely powerful, loving and kind. You have unlimited resources that allow you to manifest who you truly are through your body and in your life.
  • Your purpose in this human journey is to reflect who you truly are through the life you choose to create, in the way that you uniquely choose.
  • There are no rules about how you do this. Your human journey is a work in progress, and you make your own rules as you go. It is your right and responsibility to decide what is right for you as you do so, because no one else is able to do this for you.


The Power of the Process

What we believe may seem challening to accept. This is because we are  programmed to believe that we are our body and our brains, and that without them, we do not exist. 

The truth is the other way around. You existed prior to your human experience, and your brain and body did not cause you; no, you bought them into existence.

Internalizing this truth allows you to gain more control over your human experience. It helps to be more intentional, autonomous, and more connected with others. When you are free of the illusion of your own limitations, this truth will guide you on your own journey of disovery and success.

This is what the Awaken, Connect, Transform™ process is all about.

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